Sustainability comes naturally to us.


Good. Better. Excellent.

Our products can be certified by various natural cosmetics standards if you prefer, e.g. the GermanBDIH or the European COSMOS and Natrue Standard.

When it comes to product development, we have very exacting demands on modern, natural – and in particular, skin-friendly care. We process all plant ingredients and nourishing substances very carefully. What’s more, we also take the latest scientific findings into account in our work. We do all that to create innovative, nourishing products that take good care of you – so you can enjoy a natural feeling every day.

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BDIH for controlled natural cosmetics Has been around since 2001! This seal is awarded by the Federal Association of German Industry and Commerce if the raw materials contained in a product meet certain criteria of health, ecology and social issues.

Cosmos Standard for genuine natural cosmetics Has been around since 2017! Every product that bears the standard signet also has natural and organic cosmetics in it. Cosmos Natural stands for natural cosmetics and Cosmos Organic for organic cosmetics.

Natrue for the well-being of consumers Has been around since 2007! The Natrue Standard focuses on the ingredients of a product. Depending on the proportions of natural, nature-identical or near-natural ingredients in a product, the standard distinguishes between natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with organic ingredients and organic cosmetics.

All certificates use comparable criteria for natural cosmetic products.
These seals of approval stand for, among other things...

... production that guarantees no animal testing,
upon request also vegan

... use of packaging that can be recycled

... controlled biological farming (KbA)

... active support of climate protection

... use of natural scents that avoid synthetics, silicone, paraffin, and other oil-based products

... efficient energy usage


In this way
everybody wins!

Our aqua-free, solid cleansing bars are Syndets and not your classic bars of soap.
What does that mean? The cleaning power is based on so-called synthetic detergents (= Syndet).

The Syndet properties are:

  • Mild action
  • ph-skin neutral
  • Very easy on your skin
  • Good for people with allergies
  • Nourishing ingredients
  • No soap scum

Our strongest piece of work –

with respect for Mother Nature

Our solid cleansing bars are the foundation of a sustainable bathroom and the beginning of a zero-waste lifestyle.

Our solid cosmetics are slim in their formulations and aqua-free. We don’t use water in the development nor in the production.

  • Economical in use
  • No plastic packaging
  • No micro-plastics
  • No silicon, paraben or animal ingredients
  • No preservatives

Solid cleansing bars are good travelling companions since you can take as many with as you want and they never leak.

Easy on resources



Plant power –


Why use emulsifiers? And who needs preservatives?
We do without them and work with aqua-free formulations. One thing is certain: our quality is made of 100% effectivity.

Our philosophy: solid beats liquid every time!


We don’t talk trash,

we avoid it.

We don’t produce waste. In particular NO PLASTIC WASTE. The good news: Solid cosmetics make it easy to go without plastic. Everything we offer fits nicely into small, easily recyclable paper packaging.


Less is more!

You don’t have to ship what you don’t make. Since we make our products with less raw material and no plastic bottles are needed for our shampoo – you reap the benefits of lower transport volume and weight. What does that mean? Well, it means that our solid shampoos reduce the need for trucks on the road from 10 to only 1 – involved in delivery to and pick-up at the factory.

Solid shampoos from ideaPRO save


when delivering to
or picking up from factory